Mission:   To support Colombian professionals to be more effective in their jobs.

Values:   Innovation, integrity and a results-focus.

Executive English Training (EET) is a UK/Colombian company focused on matching training objectives to those of your organisation, in order to grow your business. EET works closely with the British Embassy and has run courses in the American Embassy. Whereas most language schools work solely to academic objectives, EET works to performance objectives, whilst maintaining the highest standards in terms of English language teaching. 

EET only works with the best teachers and coaches in their fields. All speak English as a first language. Language teachers are qualified to teach English from the University of Cambridge (CELTA) or equivalent and only work with us after having years of experience. Our professional coaches are experienced business people, many have master's degrees and have held senior positions in international companies.

You can trust EET trainers to give you the knowledge and skills you need to take you to the next level of communication in English - in rapid time.

Course content is tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. Participants work with the best materials in the world, such as from the University of Cambridge and University of Oxford. These are supplemented with video, audio and a lot of practical skills development. Students have a sense that they are “on task”, continuing their working day, as opposed to traditional schools where they are very much “in class”. 

Evaluation is key to participants' development and to the organisation's understanding of cost-effectiveness. Globally-recognised certification is available such as in Management and in BPO. These are jointly awarded from EET and various UK academic bodies adhering to the very strict requirements of UK government parameters.

Courses are offered at all levels in an organisation. Support staff such as receptionists, PAs and customer service agents learn the core language they need. Middle and senior managers are equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need through Professional Coaching. Teachers and coaches are matched to the specific requirements of the organisation and the individuals.

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