Are you losing international customers because your frontline staff can't communicate with them effectively?


A variety of courses combining Customer Service with Technical Expertise.


For frontline staff to communicate clearly and confidently by phone, email or face-to-face. Specific objectives agreed with the client.


Representatives in Tourism, BPO, Retail and Healthcare.


Highly qualified and experience English Language Teacher and Technical/Sector-Specific Coach. Speaks English as a first language.


80-200 academic hours depending on specific needs.


Elementary to Advanced

Class Size



Face-to-face classes within your training facilities or meeting rooms in Colombia.

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Increasingly Colombian organisations need to talk to customers from all over the world, either face-to-face or via the telephone. Whether your organisation works in Tourism, Healthcare or BPO, your frontline staff need to be able to communicate clearly and confidently in order to deliver customer satisfaction.

EET works with customer-facing staff to improve their active listening skills for a wide-range of accents in English. They practise the core language they need to improve their overall level, along with the vocabulary and skills that are specific to doing their job effectively. EET helps course participants to lift the veil on cultural differences between Colombians and North America or Europe. Helping to prevent communication misunderstandings and make for happy customers.

Courses include English for: Tourism, Nursing, Call Centres, BPO, Cabin Crew, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Customer Care, Medical, Energy, Telecommunications and IT.

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