"In Spanish I am confident and persuasive, but not in English."


Tailored to your specific needs from core language skills to presentation coaching.


An EET assessor will help define your objectives at the start of the course.


Senior management in major international organisations.


Language Teacher/Professional Coach - highly qualified with years of experience and speaks English as a first language.


Either payable by hour (minimum of 16 academic hours) or courses of 96 academic hours. Scheduled at your convenience.


All levels from Elementary to Advanced.

Class Size

1-2 people.


As agreed with client, often in your office or apartment. Either 100% face-to-face or blend of online and face-to-face.

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EET provides tailored coaching to Presidents, Vice-Presidents, CEOs and C-Suite executives in major international organisations. Whether you are looking to improve your presentation skills, perfect your pronunciation or work on specific projects, EET's Professional Coaches will work to help you achieve your objectives.

Our Professional Coaches sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) so all material and conversations in the sessions are maintained with strict confidentiality. All of our Coaches speak English as a first language and many are experienced business leaders in their own right. A Coach would be matched to you according to your specific needs. Sessions may take place face-to-face or via Skype to provide maximum flexibility.

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